Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How do I know I am playing with the actual person from the profile?

A: We have our gamers verification done when we have our gamers' profile on the website. So you can be rest assured that you are playing with your selected gamer!  

Q: Are these all professional gamers?

A: We have a mixture of Professional and friendly gamers. Do kindly read through the bio of each profile before locking on your choice of gamer. 

Q: What if my game ends 5 mins earlier or later to the scheduled time?

A: There will be a grace period of 5 mins. If your game ends 5 minutes earlier, it will still be charged as 1 hour. Should it be a 10 minutes  advancement, you may choose to take up a quick mini game instead. 

Q: Do I need to make payment first before the game?

A: Yes. Our friendly admins will verify payment first with a confirmation booking for you to proceed with your selected gamer. 

Q: Can I cancelled my schedule timing?

A: Yes you may do so with a 1 hour notice in advance prior to your scheduled timing. Any cancellation within less than an hour notice, payment will NOT be refund. 

Q: Can I do a last minute booking?

A: It is HIGHLY recommended NOT to do so. It is inevitable to cause disappointment to you if there's just an hour or 2 notification. 

Q: Can I extend my booking hours during the game?

A: You will still have to make the payment first and get our admin to verify it. However, we do not recommend a last minute extension though as  our  friendly admins may not be able to get back to you, especially at late hours. 

Q: Can I play with the gamer offline?

A: We are sorry to say we do not support this system at the moment. However, we do not rule out this possibility. Do stay tune for further updates. 

Q: Am I allow to schedule the gamer in advance?

A: It is highly recommended for you to make a schedule timing with our gamers 1 - 2 days in advance to prevent disappointment. 

Q: Can I ask personal questions to the gamers?

A: Free to ask. Subjective for gamers to answer.